Cross project planning is made effortless with our connected projects. Simply connect projects that are directly linked, and get an easy overview of your workflow, team and do your sprint planning across the whole group. This makes it easy to plan cross projects and departments for a major release, launch or similar.



To get started, click the universal 'create'-button, and select 'Connected project'. Here, give it a name, and select the projects you wish to be connected.

Now that the connected project is successfully created, it will show as a box inside your project portfolio view. Click 'View connected projects' to open the connected overview.

In the connected project view you'll see different tabs similar to a regular project.

The connected project lets you view and manage the Workflow across all projects in the group, manage the team, and do the sprint planning across all connected projects. A great tool and timesaver when planning for a larger milestone.

Remember, all changes made inside your connected project will affect all the connected projects. This also means that certain parts of project settings will be dictated by the group, and thus not editable inside the individual project.

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