Forecast has a built-in timer made to make it easy for you to track your time during your day. The timer is available in both the web browser version of Forecast, and in the app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Thus, you can bring Forecast with you on the run, and track your time directly on cards as you go by your day.

The timer is running in real-time across both the web version and the mobile apps, which makes you able to start the timer on your laptop, and stop it again on your phone.


In the web version of Forecast, you find the timer at the top of your screen, right next to your name. Here, you simply click the start and stop buttons as you need. If you want to reset or cancel the timer, simply click the X.

When you complete a session and want to register the time; simply click the stop button, and a window like the one below will show up. The time will be preset rounded up or down based on the timer, and the date will automatically be set to today. You can of course change both fields manually. Select the project and card, and click the 'add'-button to register the time on the chosen card.

If you want to track time directly on a card from the get go, you can do so by clicking the hamburger icon from within a card, and click 'Start timer'. This will make sure that the time tracked is registered on the right card without further steps afterwards.

Mobile apps

Using the timer on the go is also quite simple within the mobile app. In the app on your smartphone you should see a main menu like the one shown below. Here, simply tap the start button to start the timer.

You'll always be able to see the status of the timer within the app as a counter at the top, and using the pause button you can stop the timer - either temporarily or completely.

When you want to register the time; tap the card you've been working on, and you'll expand the card to see more information. Here, click the 'report time'-button, adjust the time if needed and report the time.

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