Forecast is designed to make it as simple for you as possible. Thereby, we have three things you should understand and be aware of when setting up your budget in Forecast.

Roles, rate cards and clients are linked to make sure that the budget is always up-to-date, and works in accordance with your variables.

A role is created, and each team member is assigned a main role, e.g. software developer or UX. Rate cards contain the different roles that are applicable for the project. Thus, you can setup rate cards with a different mix of roles and rates for each project or client.

These settings are setup in the 'Admin'-section found in the upper right-hand menu.

Setup roles
Find 'Roles' in the left-hand menu in the 'Admin'-section.

Give the role a name and click 'Add role'. Continue until you've got all of them.

You can always get back to add / remove roles later on.

Setup rate cards
Find 'Rate cards' in the left-hand menu in the 'Admin'-section.

Give the rate card an appropriate name, and click 'Add rate card'.

Scroll down, and choose the rate card you just created. In here, you can specify the values of each role.

Roles are specified in the 'Roles'-tab.

Setup clients
Find 'Clients' in the left-hand menu in the 'Admin'-section.

Give the client a name, and click 'Add client'.

Scroll down, and choose the client you just added. In here, you can add client specific information, e.g. address, contacts and notes.

Connect rate card and client to a project
Go to the project you're managing, and find both the 'Rate card' and 'Client'-tabs in the left-hand project menu.

Choose the rate card or client, and correct any data if needed.
These settings can always be changed afterwards.

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