The permissions is a per user value, and defines how much each team member is allowed to do in Forecast.

These settings are setup the same place as you add new team members, i.e. in the 'Admin'-section found in the upper right-hand menu.

Then, go to 'Team members' in the left-hand menu.

Add a new user and choose their permission level, or scroll down to the list of people and click the person you're looking for. Here you'll be able to change this user's permissions.

There are 5 levels of permissions, each describing underneath:

  • Virtual: This is a virtual team member used for planning. They will not be able to log in and will not be charged.
  • Collaborator: Can view and edit cards on the projects they are assigned to, and register time.
  • Manager: Can view and edit their team's work, time registrations, schedule as well as insights.
  • Controller: Have the same rights as a Manager, plus they are also able to see financial information.
  • Admin: Can see and configure everything, even projects they're not part of.

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