First in order to take greater advantage of the capabilities of Forecast, you need to add team members onto the system. There are different types of roles and permissions.

To get started, click your name in the upper right-hand corner, choose 'Admin'.
Note: This requires administrator rights.

Create roles

First of all, you need to add roles through "Roles" in the left-hand menu.

Here, simply give the role a name, and click "Add role" as shown below.

Add team members

Afterwards, continue to "Team members" in the left-hand menu.

Here you're able to see a list of all the team members across the organization. Above that you're able to add new team members to Forecast.

Type in name of the person, their email address, choose a role and the permissions the specific team member should have in Forecast. If the person is set to "Collaborator" or above that, the team member will receive an email with his or her login information on the email address specified during the previous steps.

Assign team members to a project

After adding people to the overall organization in Forecast, go back to your project through the 'Projects'-tab in the top menu. Choose 'Team' in the left-hand menu. In here you'll be able to see the roles in your project, and which team members are assigned to what role in the project.

Through the search box, start typing the names of each team member you wish to add to the project. The person will automatically be added to the default role specified for the team member in the 'Admin'-settings. If you desire to change the role of a person for one specific project, simply drag'n'drop the person onto the right role.

To remove a team member from the project, just hover above the person and click the trash can.

All changes are saved automatically.

Assign team members to a card

In order to assign a card (i.e. task) to a team member; open the card in Workflow, expand the 'Assigned'-section to the right, and begin typing or choose the team member to assign.

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