Scoping is where you plan out your batches of work. You prioritize cards, set deadlines and submit it to the workflow board by approving the scope. A scope can be a product release, e.g. Version 2.0, etc.

Simply click the 'Add card'-button to get started with your first scope. Through the list add each card (i.e. task) that needs to get done within the scope. Title, assign it to a role, set a low and high time estimate (hours or points), and our artificial intelligence will do a forecast on the real time needed for this card - based on previous similar cards within your organization, and other users of Forecast.

Click the 'Add'-button to the right of the list, and continue adding cards until you have a complete scope ready for work. You can at any time move, add and remove cards between scopes, simply by dragging and dropping each card.

When you're done adding cards to the scope, tick the 'Approved'-boxes to the right in order to move them to your workflow board - from where your daily work and collaboration will take place. If the whole scope is ready, simply tick the 'All approved'-box at the bottom.

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