Looking for people, business or portfolio insights instead?

The project insights category is used to setup insight reports concerning one specific project. Look through the list of components below, and setup the best insight report for your business and project.

Budget list

List of financial data grouped by milestones or roles. Select using the dropdown.

Budget chart

Chart showing project budget status over time. Select money or hours in the dropdown.

Burn-up chart

Burn-up chart shows the scope, work completed and ideal velocity.

Card delay

List of cards expected to be delayed. This data is based on our AI-algorithms. If nothing is expected to be delayed the component will showcase that.

Card list

Configurable list of card data, e.g. title, progress, time reported, and deadline.

Cards completed

Pie chart showing the number of cards done and remaining.

Cumulative flow

Diagram showing number of cards or forecast sum for project status columns over time.


Notes field to use for commenting and providing information.

Overall velocity

Gauge showing the overall velocity for the project. A low number means work is progressing slower than expected. High if working faster. Ideally it should be close to 1, which means that the work matches the estimates.

People list

Configurable list of person data for individual projects, e.g. person, role, time reported, and cards assigned.

Forecast vs. reported

Bar chart showing a comparison of estimates vs. actuals.


Component showing the timeline of the selected project.

Scope change

Bar chart showing a comparison of planned and current scope.

Sprint list

Configurable list of sprint data for individual projects e.g. name, progress, remaining work.

Sprint velocity

Chart showing achieved velocity across all sprints in the project.

Sprints completed

Pie chart showing number of sprints done and remaining.

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