The Forecast integration with e-conomic, one of the world's leading financial systems, lets you sync reported time and proposals from your projects in Forecast to your accounting system, e-conomic. More specifically, you get a new e-conomic tab, where you can choose what, or all time, to send directly to your e-conomic account.

How it works

Using the e-conomic integration, your team's time registrations in Forecast is able to sync directly to your projects in e-conomic. You simply connect Forecast and e-conomic, and choose which projects to link in Forecast and e-conomic. This way we know where to submit the data.

After activating the integration, a new tab will appear in your left-hand project menu, named "e-conomic". Here, you can view time ready to be sent and time previously sent to e-conomic. Simply, choose what you want to send, or choose all, to send everything in one batch.

Setup process

  • Activate the integration through the Forecast app catalog, or through the e-conomic marketplace

Coming from Forecast, click here: Enable integration, login to e-conomic and connect

Coming from e-conomic marketplace: Install integration, login to Forecast and connect

  • After activating: Users from e-conomic are now imported as virtual users into Forecast
  • In Forecast, navigate to a project, and go to project settings. Scroll down till you find the e-conomic project settings. Here, choose the project in e-conomic that you wish to connect your Forecast project to.
  • Now, navigate to the new e-conomic tab in the left-hand project menu.
  • Here, you can see all of the project time available to be sent to e-conomic
  • When a user registers time in Forecast, and they’re also activated in e-conomic; you can choose the specific time entries you wish to send, or all the reported time and click "send to e-conomic"

Notice: When you import time into e-conomic; the time gets locked in Forecast due to otherwise potential conflicting data on a later stage

As always, if you have any questions or issues along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner. 💬

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