The Forecast integration with Slack lets you receive updates on your projects within your Slack team channels. This can help you keep everybody on the same page in a public channel, or just a selected few people in a private Slack channel.

How it works

Forecast simply connects with Slack, and depending on your setup - it notifies you of new updates and progress of a specific project in a specific Slack channels. This means that you can choose exactly which project to get notified about, and specify which channel in Slack should get this notifications.

Setup process

  1. Login to Forecast
  2. Navigate to administration (admins only)
  3. Go to app catalog, and find Slack
    (or click here)
  4. Click the 'Add to Slack'-button
  5. Click 'Authorize'
  6. Go back to Forecast, and specify which projects should notify which channels.
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