The integration with Zapier is currently in beta, and thus requires a few extra steps than usual for the time being.

How it works

The Forecast integration with Zapier makes you able to connect and sync data between Forecast and more than 800 other apps supported by Zapier. Bring calendar events, external files, or new deal details straight into your projects.

Setup process

First, from the integration's page enter the email address registered with your Zapier account, and click 'Send Invitation'. Shortly after, you should receive an email with an invitation that you need to accept - simply by clicking the link in the email. This will take you to Zapier, where you can begin setting up your Zaps.

  1. Login to Forecast
  2. Navigate to administration (admins only)
  3. Go to app catalog, and find Zapier
    (or click here)
  4. Enter Zapier account email and press "send invitation"
  5. Press the link in the Zapier invitation email
  6. Copy the API key provided in Forecast (step 3) into Zapier when creating your first Zap
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