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The Forecast integration with JIRA Cloud, makes you able to sync projects between Forecast and JIRA. Thus, you could for instance have your software developers use the JIRA solution they are used to, while your management team and others can use the more visual Forecast solution. This integration will make sure to keep data in-sync between the selected projects on each platform.

Look below for more info on what gets synced. 

How it works

Using Forecast for JIRA, your people scheduling, project planning, estimates, time tracking, and high level portfolio overview will always be synchronized with current development tasks and issues. Easily estimate and plan new features in Forecast, and they will automatically be synced to JIRA. Thus, critical information is shared and collaboration is effortless.

What gets synced?

Setup process

  1. Go to Admin / App catalog in Forecast
  2. Choose JIRA Cloud
    (or, click here)
  3. Activate the integration, and copy the JIRA verification key
  4. Click on the link that takes you to the JIRA Marketplace
  5. Click 'Get it now', and use the JIRA verification key here
  6. In Forecast, choose the projects you want to sync. Choose at least one project, and your team members will be imported as virtual users.
    Virtual users are free, but these don't have access to login to Forecast. To give the users access to Forecast, you need to invite them using the Admin / Team members section. Enter their email addresses, and they'll receive an invitation shortly.

Based on the settings you choose, projects will now be synced between JIRA and Forecast, and new projects created in JIRA will automatically be synced to Forecast.

NOTE: This app is only available for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server. If you're using JIRA Data Center, please contact us.

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