Their are 8 fields in the Card Menu. To find them you first click into a card within  a project. Then next to the 'X' on the right hand corner there are three dots. The three dots that indicate a drop-down menu. The actions include: 

  • Start timer- Begin tracking your time on this card.
  • Block- A card that is Blocked cannot move forward in the workflow. 
  • Mark as bug- Bug Tracking, adds a bug icon to the card.
  • Repeat- If you want this card to be reoccurring. 
  • Duplicate- The card will be duplicated in this project.
  • Mark as non-billable- For internal projects, the time tracked on this card will be logged as non-billable.
  • Move to another project- Removes the card from this project and adds it to another.
  • Delete- Delete the card 
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