Get an overview, create cards and move cards between lists.

Create scopes with cards for specific batches of work, (e.g. releases, versions, milestones, etc.)

Navigate all the files within a project, both the ones uploaded to the overall project, and the ones uploaded to a specific card.

Get the budget of the project based on rate cards, time and client, and adjust with additional costs, funds available, etc.

Customize the view to your preference through the options to the left.

Setup your project team, assign new team members to a role, and move people around if needed.

Setup the client of the project, add general information, e.g. address, contacts, notes, etc.

Rate card
Setup rate cards for each type of role within the project. These rates will be used as the foundation for the budget.

Change general project settings, incl. name, project status, colors, managers, estimation units (i.e. hours / points), sprints, workflow, sub-tasks, apps and integrations.

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