Adding an Expense Item

Adding Expense Items to your Projects Budget

Time to read: 5 minutes 


Main Takeaways 

  • Expense items are linked to projects, not tasks, and thus will only show up on the project budget. Anybody with the Permission Level of Collaborator, or above, can add a new expense item. However, expense items must be approved by at least a Controller before it's added to the project budget
  • Use cases could be for a dinner you host with your client, some equipment you needed to rent, or something you purchase on behalf of your client or directly as part of the project
  • Conveniently, you can attach files to Expense Items, and you can easily specify the Cost, Price, and Markup of the expense
  • After being approved by a Controller, or higher, the expense item will be added to the project budget

Create an Expense Item

Step 1: Click the Profile button on the top right-hand side of the screen, and then select My Profile

my profile

You will be directed to My Profile Page



Step 2: Go for My Expenses and click on New Expense Item 

new expense
A pop up will be prompted 


Step 3: Add details

new expebse item

1. Choose the project

2. Give your expense a name

3. Select the date 

4. Choose the person responsible for the expense  


Scroll down

new expense item part 2

5. Choose to approve the expense item 


Scroll Down 

billable notes

7. Mark the expense as billable 

8. Add notes


Step 4: Add files 


View and Edit My Expense Items


Step 1: Navigate to My Profile from the menu at the top right-hand side of the site.

my profile


Step 2: Go to My Expenses 


Step 3: View and Edit any Expense Items you've added or been assigned to you 

view avant dernier expense

Step 4: Click on the Given Expense Item to edit it

A modal will be prompted 

step 4-1