Adding an Expense Item

Adding Expense Items to your Projects Budget

Time to read: 5 minutes 


Main Takeaways 

  • Expense items are linked to projects, not tasks, and thus will only show up on the project budget. Anybody with the Permission Level of Collaborator, or above, can add a new expense item. However, expense items must be approved by at least a Controller before it's added to the project budget
  • Use cases could be for a dinner you host with your client, some equipment you needed to rent, or something you purchase on behalf of your client or directly as part of the project
  • Conveniently, you can attach files to Expense Items, and you can easily specify the Cost, Price, and Markup of the expense
  • After being approved by a Controller, or higher, the expense item will be added to the project budget

Create an Expense Item

Step 1: Click the Profile button on the top right-hand side of the screen, and then select My Profile

my profile

You will be directed to My Profile Page



Step 2: Go for My Expenses and click on New Expense Item 

new expense
A pop up will be prompted 


Step 3: Add details


1. Give your expense a name

2. Select the date 

3. Select a category

4. Choose the project

5. Choose the person responsible for the expense  

6. Select a phase


Scroll down


5. Choose a quantity

6. Give the unit cost

7. Mark the expense as billable

8. Set a markup 

9. Set the unit price 

10. Mark the expense as part of plan budget 

11. Choose to approve the expense item 

12. Add notes

Step 4: Add files 


The same process takes place when you wish to add an expense to a retainer project. However, in a fixed price retainer project you are given the opportunity to add the expense on top of the fixed price. The option will appear after you tick the necessary boxes. See picture below:


View and Edit My Expense Items


Step 1: Navigate to My Profile from the menu at the top right-hand side of the site.

my profile


Step 2: Go to My Expenses 


Step 3: View and Edit any Expense Items you've added or been assigned to you 

view avant dernier expense

Step 4: Click on the Given Expense Item to edit it

A modal will be prompted (6)-3