Admin Panel Set Up: Details & Labels

Set up your company-wide preferences that will define how you work in Forecast


Access the Admin Panel & select Details

1. admin panel

admin panel details



1. Address & Logo: This is where you set up the basic information of your company, which is tied to your billing.


2. Currency: This is a very important part of your set up, as it will define the financial baseline of all of your work.


3. Default working hours: This is the baseline of your company's working hours which is reflected in Schedule and Timesheets. And, if you have team members who have different working hours to that of your company, you can set the individual working hours in the people page of the admin panel. 


4.Timezone: Since every action or mutation will be anchored to your chosen timezone, this setting serves as the digital baseline of your work. For example, the chosen timezone defines the time in which notifications are sent.


5. Contact: This is the main contact person which will spearhead Forecast internally and will be the default person for projects.


6. Forecast Lab: This is where you can you to test our latest developments and provide any feedback directly to the Forecast engineers. Clicking on the checkbox enables the given feature or function across your company. 


7.Demo Data: Clicking on the ´Create Demo Projects´ adds into your account three (3) mock projects, along with mock team members, rate cards, tasks, and more. This is so you can familiarize yourself with the tool before you plan out your actual work. And, you use these projects as templates for your future projects. 



Creating, editing and removing labels

The purpose of establishing and using Labels is for the organization and categorization tasks, projects, skills, team members, teams and more. For instance, you can create a label named "graphic_design" and assign that label to a task, project, team and individual team member that requires work that encompasses "graphic_design."

The best practice when is come to labels is to have them predefined before adding them. You want to have a set structure for them. Usually this means having a list of labels for each of your team members based on their skill set e.g. "graphic design" and so on.

1. Access the Admin Panel & select Labels

label 1


2. Define & Add Labels

Hover your cursor over the Name field and type in the name of the label you have predetermined. Then proceed to select the desired color you wish to attribute to the label. Then click Add Label.


When you click on the Add Label Button, the column Usages will reflect a zero (0), this means that the label has not been assigned yet. You can add as many labels as you'd like, just remember to have a set structure in place before you do.

Next up: Admin Panel Set Up - Roles, Rate Cards & Currencies