Admin Panel Set Up: Roles, Rate Cards & Currencies

In this article we will be focusing on how to set up and invite your team members, create and assign their individual roles, along with their specific rates.


Before we invite/create our team members, roles must be set up, which will then be assigned to a team member.

Step 1: Access Admin Panel

1. admin panel


Step 2: Click on Roles

Click on Roles


Step 3: Add Roles

When you click to add the role, the column People with role will reflect a zero (0). This means that there are no team members that have been assigned this role yet. Importantly, you can add as many roles as you like. 

Add Roles


Step 4: Edit or Delete Roles

You can edit all of your roles, and delete them as well. Bear in mind that once you delete a role, any team members with this role will no longer have an assigned role. 

delete role


Rate Cards

Add, remove and edit rate cards. Once you have determined your roles, you will want to move on to specify the rates for those.

Rate Cards allow you to assign and set standard billing rates based on the Roles you create such as a Developer for instance. You can create specific Rate Cards that can be associated to a specific Client, Region, and/or Project Type. Rate cards are used for assigning the correct rate for the budget of your projects. There are two ways of creating a rate card. The first is through Admin Panel, while the second is directly from within a project, which users with Managers permission and above can do.

Step 1: Access the Admin Panel & Click on Rates

Access the Admin Panel & Click on Rates


Step 2: Click Add Rate Card

Click the Add Rate Card button on the top right-hand side of the Rate Card section.

new card rate



Step 3: Once clicked a modal will be prompted, requesting you to fill out the name of this new rate card. Once you have established the name, click the green Add Rate Card button in the modal.

new client rate card

As soon as you've done this, the Rate card will have been created, as you can see above, it will be displayed in the list Rate Card Name. Now you will proceed to edit and add the specific rates, to their relative roles.

Editing Rate Cards

Step 1: To edit a Rate Card, click on the three dots icon (illustrated below) and select edit.

edit rate card-1


Step 2: Then add in the desired Rate per Role. You can choose to set a Default Rate or specific ones to accommodate different roles. You can also assign foreign currencies to your rate cards (we describe how to do this below).



All values are saved automatically.

Default Rate Cards

Once you have created your Rate Cards, you can set one to Default, this will ensure that all new projects will use this specific rate card.

default card


You can also view and edit rate cards from each individual project.

Adding Multiple Currencies for Rate Cards

Forecast gives you the option to add multiple currencies, so you can set billing rates to a specific Client, Region, and/or Project Type.

Step 1: Access the Admin Panel & select Currencies



Step 2: Choose the Foreign Currency

Hover your cursor over the the Currency Column, then click on the dropdown field and chose form a list of foreign currencies, then set the exchange rate and Click Add.


After you have added the foreign currencies, they will be accessible in the Rate Card section of the Admin Panel (as shown above). You can also edit the exchange rates and rate cards from within individual projects.