Add Client Users

Give access to projects, and keep details on your clients

Forecast lets you keep details on your clients, and also give access to the system if you so desire. This makes you able to invite your client onboard and collaborate on your projects together.

Don't worry, your client will only get a limited view as a Client User.

Add Client Users

Step 1: Navigate to the project you want to add a Client User

Step 2: Go to the Client tab in the left side menu


Step 3: Make sure you have selected the right client through the dropdown at the top right

Step 4: Scroll down to All Client Users

Step 5: Click Add Client User


Step 6: Fill out the form with name, email, phone, and select whether the person should have access to the Forecast project.


If you selected to give access to the project, the new Client User should now receive an invitation on the email you specified.