Create Clients

Add, remove and edit clients

Clients are used in connection with reports, rate cards, and budgets to give you the best possible means of managing your projects. Additionally, creating and assigning clients to projects is a way to structure and extract client related information and insights.

There are two ways of creating clients, the first is through the Admin Settings (requires Admin permissions), while the second is available to Managers and above from within the project itself.

If your Permission Level is Admin

Step 1: Go to Admin in your personal menu


Step 2: Go to Clients in the side menu


Step 3: Click Add Client


Step 4: Give it a name, and click Add Client


Step 5: Hover over the newly created client


Step 6: Click Edit

Step 7: Add details, contacts and notes

Repeat for all of your clients

If your Permission Level is Manager or Controller

Step 1: Go to the project related to the client

Step 2: Go to Client in the side menu


Step 3: Expand the dropdown menu at the top right


Step 4: Click Add New Client

Step 5: Name the client, and click Add Client


The client has now been added, and assigned to the project.