Setup Client and Budget

Connecting Roles, Rate Cards, and Clients

Forecast is designed to make management as simple for you as possible. We connect the dots that make sense to connect. Roles, rate cards and clients are connected to automate your project budgets. The budget is automatically updated based on billable hours reported per role, the rate card linked to the project, and the client you're building the project for.

Roles are created, and team members are assigned a main role, e.g. Software Developer or Designer. Rate cards are created and contain the roles and their rates relevant for the project. This means, you can setup roles and rate cards for each project and client.

Get Started

Step 1: Go to Admin


Step 2: Go to Roles


Step 3: Give the role a name, and click Add Role. Repeat for all of the roles in your organization.


You can always get back to add / remove roles later on.

Step 4: Go to Rate Cards


Step 5: Click Add Rate Card


Step 6: Give it a name, and click Add Rate Card. Repeat for all the rate cards you need.


You can always get back to add / remove rate cards later on.

Step 7: Hover over your newly created rate card


Step 8: Click Edit

Step 9: Specify the rates

The values are saved automatically. Repeat for all of your rate cards.

Step 10: Go to Clients


Step 11: Client Add Client


Step 12: Give it a name, and click Add Client. Repeat for all of your clients.


Step 13: Hover over the newly created client


Step 14: Click Edit

Step 15: Add details, contacts and notes

Repeat for all of your clients

Step 16: Go to your project

Step 17: Go to Client


Step 18: Select the client at the top right


Step 19: Go to Rate Card


Step 20: Select the rate card at the top right


Step 21: Go to Budget


Your budget should now begin updating itself as time is reported on the project. Make sure to make estimates on your tasks.