Non-Project Time & Holiday Calendar

Add non-project and non-billable time

Non-project time, also known as non-billable time, is time you wish to track, but which is not directly related to a specific project. Some examples of non-project time could be, e.g. sickness, vacation, meetings, workshops, etc.

Setup Categories of Non-Project Time

Step 1: Go to the Admin panel and select Non-Project Time. - 2019-05-27T122203.012

Step 2: Type in the desired Non-Project Time in the text field, i.e. workshop, meetings, etc. and then click Add Non-Project Time. - 2019-05-27T123215.920

Step 3: Repeat steps as needed.

Set Up Holiday Calendars

From this section, you can create and import the desired calendar that reflects your local holidays. Once incorporated, all bank holidays will be reflected in your Schedule. You can create as many calendars as desired, and assign calendars to individual team members. This is so you can accommodate for team members that work in a different location.

Step 1: Go to the Admin panel and select Holidays. - 2019-05-27T125041.362

Step 2: Type in the desired Calendar Name in the text field, i.e. France Calendar (if you are located in this region) then click Import Public Holidays. - 2019-05-27T125901.848

A popup modal will be prompted.

Step 3: Set the current year, followed by determining your location and then click Import Public Holidays. - 2019-05-27T130058.108

Once this step is completed you will see the names and dates of all the national holidays per your region.

Step 4: Set the new calendar you've just created as the default for your company. Remember to set the default calendar to match your geographic location. - 2019-05-27T131611.121

Editing Calendars

Step 4: You can always edit your calendar if need be in the following way.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.04.38 PM

1. Edit/add the name of a holiday.

2. Edit/add the date of the holiday.

3. Delete a specific holiday.

4. Delete, import/add another calendar all together.