Permission levels and access rights

Permission levels are used to limit access rights to fit each user's position. Meaning, that users will only see exactly what they need to see.

There are 6 levels of permissions, each described underneath:

  • Virtual: This is a "virtual" team member used for planning. They will not be able to log in and will not be charged.
  • Client: This one makes you able to invite your client into Forecast. They will be able to view projects they're a part of, and view/edit cards they are assigned to. Also, they can report and edit their own time registrations. View as a Client:

  • Collaborator: Can view and edit cards on the projects they are assigned to, and register time. View as a Collaborator:

  • Manager: Can view and edit their team's work, time registrations, schedule as well as insights. View as a Manager:

  • Controller: Have the same rights as a Manager, plus they are also able to see financial information. View as a Controller:

  • Admin: Can see and configure everything, even projects they're not part of. View as an Admin:



Change Permission Level of User

Step 1: Go to Admin in your personal menu


Step 2: Go to Team Members in the side menu


Step 3: Click on the team member you wish to edit

Step 4: Scroll to Permissions

Step 5: Select the new Permission Level

Repeat the steps for each team member