Create Teams

Group team members into Teams, and assign a whole Team to a Project

With Forecast, you can easily group team members into Teams. This makes you able to quickly assign a full team to a particular project with the click of a button. Additionally, you'll be able to view reports based on a specific team, or filter your Scheduling to only view team members part of this team.

Below, we have guides on Creating a Team and Assigning a Team to a Project.

Create a Team

Step 1: Navigate to Admin through your personal menu


Step 2: Go to Team members


Step 3: Scroll down to Your Teams


Step 4: Click Create Team


Step 5: Name the Team


Step 6: Select the team members you want to be a part of your new team

Step 7: Click Create

Assign a Team to a Project

Step 1: Navigate to the Project you wish to assign the Team

Step 2: Go to Team in the side menu


Step 3: Click the Add people to your project dropdown, expand Your teams, and select the team