AI and AI Suggestions

Learn how Forecast's AI can assist you with automating your work by providing unique suggestions across multiple tasks and projects.

Main Takeaways

Note: Please be advised that in order to make use of Forecast's AI, a substantial amount of data must be present in your account. If you are a new user then the AI will be unable to make suggestions for you due to the lack of data.


Forecast's AI in a nutshell

Forecast makes use of a deep neural network called BERT  in order to better assist you with automating various and unique functions in a project. BERT works as a text recognition model that can read what you are typing, match it with your previously saved preferences (that match the text) and come up with suggestions for you. 

For example, if you create a task with the same title and description as another task the AI will recognize this and suggest the same assignee and role for the new task.

These suggestions are various and unique as they include Labels, Assignees, Role, Estimate and Time Entries


Using AI suggestions

With the exception of Time Entry which will be discussed later, in order to start using Forecasts AI suggestions simply follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Scoping, Sprints or Workflow page in any of the projects in your Forecast Account.

2. Tick either the box at the top of the milestone (found in Scoping and in Sprints) or tick each tasks box individually. As you do so an extra interface menu that gives you the ability to do execute multiple options will appear one of which is the option Automate.


After you have selected the tasks you wish to automate, press on the Automate button where three different choices will appear.

aisuggestions (2)

Below we will go over each of these three options as well as the Time Entry suggestion to assist you in better understanding these functions.


Assign People

By clicking on the Assign People option you allow the AI to cross reference different data from across the data that has already been accumulated in your account to make you a suggestion as to who you could assign in the tasks that you have selected. This cross reference takes under consideration the Role and Description of the task to propose a team member that meets the criteria.

ai2 (2)

Assign Roles

This function allows the AI to assign a role on the task(s) that you have selected based on the assignee, and text that exists in the task description or title. 

ai3 (2)

Please not that the Role and People AI suggestions also appear in the task modal itself once you click on it. The pictures below show you exactly where.

image-Mar-23-2021-11-55-53-93-PMimage (1)-1

Add work estimates

This function will allow the AI to come up with suggestions on the amount of time that it believes it will take to complete the selected tasks. This is calculated from the existing data that derives from the amount of time that it took to complete tasks similar to the ones you selected in the past.


ai4 (2)

Note: Please note that these suggestions are not final and can be edited. By editing the AI's suggestion you are also providing more data that it can use to more accurately make suggestions that match your needs in the future.

Label Suggestion

As before, if the AI has enough data collected and it can correlate a certain task based on the variety of factors that were listed earlier, the AI will also be capable of coming up with suggestions regarding Labels in a task. You will find the AI label suggestion inside the task modal as it is shown in the picture below.

image (2)-3

Time Entry

Like all of the other AI suggestions, the Time Entry suggestion derives from previous time entries that you may have registered on similar Projects/Internal Time/Time Off activities in your Forecast account. The AI presents a few choices based on the data that you have fed it.

ai5 (2)