Bulk Editing

Discover how to optimize your work using Forecast's bulk editing options in Scoping, Workflow and Sprints

Main Takeaways:


Forecast's Task Bulk Editing Tool

Our editing tool gives you the ability to effortlessly bulk edit a projects tasks in multiple ways. Below you will find a detailed analysis of all the options and how they can help you with editing your tasks.

To get started and to trigger the bulk editing tool click on the empty boxes on the side of the tasks in the Scoping, Workflow and Sprint pages.


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Select your tasks

Whether in Scoping, Workflow, or Sprints, once you click on any given task, a menu with options will be prompted on the bottom of the page. Note: You can select as many tasks as you like

For example:

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Now that you are familiar with this process, you may proceed with choosing which of the functions you wish to execute. 

Automating Tasks

Note: Please be advised that in order for the AI to make suggestions for your projects and tasks enough data must be stored in your Forecast account over some period of time.

To learn more about Forecast's AI and its abilities please visit our article here.

Forecast's AI allows you to automate your tasks with a variety of options like Assigning People, Assign Roles and more. It is important to note that these are suggestions and the AI will not just add roles or team members by itself. You can confirm the AI suggestions or change them if they do not suit your needs. 



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Bulk Task Update

From here you are able to do the following:

  • Update estimates
  • Choose dates
  • Add labels
  • Assign roles and people
  • Set status
  • Approve tasks



If the task monitoring is enabled through the given project's settings, you assign followers and owners 


Move Tasks

You are also able to effortlessly bulk move the selected tasks to a different phase sprint project and status.


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Delete Tasks

Finally you are able to delete the selected tasks. Please be advised that this action cannot be undone once executed.