Bulk Editing

Discover how to optimize your work using the new bulk editing options in Scoping, Workflow and Sprints

Use the bulk editing to:

Step 1: Notice the fields on the left-hand side of the tasks in Scoping

Step 1 notice the fields



and Sprints


Step 2: Select your tasks

Whether in Scoping, Workflow, or Sprints, once you click on any given task, a menu with options will be prompted on the bottom of the page. Note: You can select as many tasks as you like

For example:

step 2 select your tasks

Step 3: Automate assigning people


Use Forecast's AI to assist you with automatically assigning team members. To help the AI engine, begin by selecting a similar project. 

Then, accept, add or reselect the assignees, and hit 'update'. 

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (15)-3

Step 4: Bulk task update

  • Update estimates
  • Choose dates
  • Add labels
  • Assign roles and people
  • Set status
  • Approve tasks



If the task monitoring is enabled through the given project's settings, you assign followers and owners 


Step 5: Move tasks

2020-04-17 (4)

Move a set of task to another milestone, sprint or project

Step 6: Delete tasks

Note: Deleting a set of tasks cannot be undone

delete tasks