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Calendar Integration: Book Meetings

Book meetings with the calendar integration, iCal feed, Google, Outlook, and Apple.

Create meetings on the fly with a quick one-click process from Tasks or from the Team view.

Task Meetings

There are two ways to create a meeting from a Task. For any task you can create a meeting straight from the task. There are two ways to create a meeting from a Task. First, open a task and click on the three dot icon. The task prefilled information includes: Task name, the task description, the people assigned and who's made it.

For any Google calendar, click "Create Google calendar meeting." This will open a new tab with a meeting draft created.

For any Outlook or Apple calendars, you can "Create Calendar Meeting" to download a meeting to your Outlook or Apple mail. This auto creates a meeting/event that can be edited after.

Note: The event creates a new calendar in your outlook or Apple account, so make sure to move the event into your regular calendar.

Calendar meeting from task

Team Meetings

Create team meetings even faster. Go to Team view and click the button Create Meeting. All the people in the team are added as attendants and the event is called the project name with "team meeting" in the subject header. The best way to start using this function is by creating project or task kick off meetings.

Team meeting- calendar

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