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Calendar Integration: Book Meetings

Book meetings with calendar integration, Google, Outlook, and Apple


NOTE: If you are looking to learn how to set up the calendar integration, see articles: Google Integration, Outlook Calendar, and iCloud Calendar


Main Takeaways: 


Forecast allows you to effortlessly create a meeting between you and your team members with a variety of ways. You may create meetings from a task or from the team view and when creating a team meeting all of the people in the team are added as attendants.

Create Google calendar meeting

Step 1: Look at the bottom of the list in options, and click Create Google calendar meeting

2020-06-22 (2)

Note: You will be redirected to your Google Calendar 


Step 2: Add a title to your meeting

Note: The description of the meeting will automatically bear the Task name, and your guest will be added

add a title psia wasza mac


Step 3: Click Save



Create an Outlook or Apple calendars

Step 1: Look at the bottom of the list in options, and click Create calendar meeting

2020-06-22 (4)

Note: This will prompt a download of a meeting to your Outlook or Apple mail


Team Meetings


Step 1: In any given project's settings, go to options, and select team

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)-Nov-03-2020-10-19-50-05-AM


Step 2: Click on Create Meeting

2020-06-22 (6)


Step 3: Choose which calendar you want to use

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (17)-17


Note: All the people in the team are added as attendants and the event is called the project name with "team meeting" in the subject header.