Connected Projects

Cross project planning with Connected Projects

Main Takeaways

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Please note: If you integrate with Jira connected projects are disabled as they are not compatible with Jira.

What are connected projects?

In Forecast you are able to connect two or more projects under one parent project. Connecting two or more projects is a great way to gather all information, tasks, teams, and sprints into a single view.

Connecting projects also allows you to ease collaboration by bringing people and workflows together. In addition, connected Sprint planning lets you plan your roadmap with a more holistic perspective. This allows you to easily prioritize cards across projects, and plan your Sprints to fit together across departments, e.g. for a major release.

How to connect projects

Step 1: Click the + New button the top right corner of Forecast, and select Connected project

add a connected project

A modal will be prompted, where you will need to fill in some information.


Step 2: Name the connected project, and select the projects you wish to connect. - 2019-06-02T221232.039

Step 3: Click Add

The connected project has been created. It will show up in a unified box under Projects.


Step 4:  View your connected projects in the Projects page


You will always be able to view your connected projects under the Project view tab on your Forecast account. To differentiate them from other projects, connected projects always start with the letter X followed by a number and always encompass in a frame all the projects that are connected.

Workflow and Sprints with connected projects

Connected Projects allows you to view and manage the Workflow across all the projects that are currently connected with the parent project. Manage the team, do the sprint planning, and move cards around in the Workflow. A great tool and timesaver when dealing with more complicated projects.

connected gif1

connected gif 2

Notice that all of the tasks you create and add on the workflow and sprint have different IDs, these IDs indicate to which project the task belongs. Always make sure to double check that you are creating a task for the correct project.

In addition, please keep in mind that all changes made inside your connected project will affect all the connected projects. This also means that certain parts of Project Settings will be dictated by the Connected Project, and thus not editable inside the individual project.

Connected projects in Scheduling, Projects View and timeline

If you would like an overview on all of your connected projects and how they fit into your company's schedule, please make sure to use the Schedule Project tab under your company's portfolio. There, you will be able to review how each connected project's children projects fit into the schedule, and who is assigned to what tasks and where from the team.

connected gif3

In case you wish to review only one connected project and how everything fits into the schedule then you can also make use of the Timeline on the parent project, not the child. 

connected gif4

If you are not certain as to what you are looking at or for, the following picture will help clarify the structure of connected projects in the timeline and schedule.


1: Parent project name. At the top you will find the name of the parent project along side its ID.
2: Children project name. Below the parent project name, the children project name will follow along with its ID.

3: Children project phase. If you expand on one of the children projects you will immediately be able to view the phases.

4: Project team. Here, you will be able to view which team members are allocated to this parent project, when they are supposed to work on the connected project, and how long for.

Adding and removing Connected projects

If for any reason you want to add and/or disconnect any project(s) from its parent project you can do so by:

1. Navigating to the parent project.

2. Selecting the three vertical dots next to the Timeline and selecting projects.

3. If you wish to add another project to the connected projects, click on the dropdown in the 
upper right corner and select from the list the project you wish to add.


4. If you wish to disconnect any project from the connected projects, click on the three vertical dots found next to the name of the project and choose Remove from connected project.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 2.13.06 PM (61) (3)-Sep-28-2020-11-07-46-29-AM2020-09-28 (9)

If you change your mind or the need arises to reconnect the project with the parent project you can simply repeat the process of connecting them.