Creating Reports

Create real-time reports that encompass your projects and team members, and share those with partners or clients

Creating reports in Forecast is simple, and takes very little of your time. You can create as many reports as you like and share them with anybody, even if they don't have a Forecast account. Below we go over the steps on how to create, edit and share reports. 


These live reports provide you with the perspective you need, whenever you need it. Each report can be customized with the exact components and design you see fit. The reports are only visible to the permission level of Admin, Controllers and Manager


Main takeaways:

Create A Report

Step 1: Click on the Global Add Button

add new button


Step 2: Select Report

adding a report


Step 3: Click on the type of report you wish to create. You can select from any of the 6 options below.

all reports new


Step 4: Once you have selected the type of report you want to create, you will then select the components you wish to incorporate into your report. (you can add as many components as you want) - 2019-06-02T102122.844


Step 5: Name your report on the bottom right-hand side of the components section and Click Next - 2019-06-02T102548.558


Step 6: Then proceed to adjust the report to your desired preference and arrange the components as you want, and click Create. (37)


Step 7: Your real-time report is available instantaneously!


Bring Your Data from Other Services

Through our API it is possible to bring your data from various third-party services and apps. Importing and syncing this data will make Forecast your one-stop hub for insights into all of your projects - no matter where you manage them. Do you have a project running in GitLab? Bring it to Forecast, and get the benefits of our AI engine and insight reports. It really only takes a few clicks to get started, and we have guides for everything.