Custom Permission Profiles (PLUS)

Forecast allows you to customize the permission levels in your account while also creating new ones.

Main Takeaways

Please note: This article explains how customer permission profiles work for the PLUS subscription plan. For PRO and LITE please visit this article here.

Permission Profiles in Forecast

Forecast comes with a few standard permission profiles. Those are Admin, Controller, Manager, Coordinator, Collaborator and virtual users. Each of these permission profiles have a certain amount of access to Forecast. For example, Admins, Controllers and Managers can view financial information in a project, while Coordinators and Collaborators can not.

With the Custom Permission Profiles you are able to edit the permissions of each of these profiles while also creating new profiles with certain permissions that best match your organization.

Before you create and/or edit permission profiles there will be a few that already exist. These standard permission profiles are:

  • Admin: The highest permission profile in Forecast. This profile can not be edited.
  • Controller: Less access than the the Admin but can still view Financial information. 
  • Manager: Less access than the other two but can still view the revenue of the projects. 
  • Coordinator: Access to projects and schedule but no financial information. 
  • Collaborator: The lowest permission profile may only access own projects and own schedule.

Please Note: With the exception of the Admin profile every other profile can be edited to include and remove certain permissions.

Creating/Editing permission profiles

As mentioned above with the custom permissions feature you are able to customize each profile's access to Forecast. The following guide will show you where you can find this feature and how to set it up. 

Accessing the feature: To access the custom permission feature Admin access is required as the tab 'Profiles' can be found in the Admin panel. 

Editing existing permission profilesOnce you arrive at the tab you will see all of the permission profiles currently available in your account alongside a few more options. The picture below explains these. 


1) Profiles names: This list will show you the different profiles you already have or have created.

2) Persons with Profile: From here you are able to view how many team members have access to the different profiles.

3) View & Edit: These buttons allow you to view and also edit the different permissions. Once you click on them the list of permissions will appear.

4) Additional Options: From the hamburger menu to the side, you are able to also delete and disable profiles. You may only delete profiles you have created not the standard ones!

5) New Profile: From here you are able to create a new profile. Just type the name of the profile and hit the green plus button to create it.

Note: If you wonder what each permission allows, you can expand on it and get a detailed explantion.


Now that you are familiar with the options, the gif below show you how to edit, disable/delete and create profiles.