Disconnected from QuickBooks

Discover what to do if you get disconnected from Quickbooks

Time to read: 5 minutes

Main Takeaways:

If you have been redirected here, it is likely that you have disconnected your QuickBooks Online account from Forecast.

  • This means that any QuickBooks Online tokens stored by Forecast have been deleted and any link between invoices has been forgotten
  • Note: no invoices, or any other data objects, have been deleted in either QuickBooks Online or Forecast
  • Should you choose to reconnect your Forecast to your QuickBooks Online, it will, therefore, behave as if you have never connected the two before

Reconnecting Forecast to QuickBooks Online


    Step 1: Go to the integrations page in your admin panel, and scroll down to QuickBooks Online

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)-1


    Step 2: Click Connect



    Step 3: Authorize by signing in to your QuickBooks account

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    Your Integration is now complete. In your Forecast page, you should see the following:

    Note: To disable the integration, click Disable 

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