e-conomic (for invoicing)

Create and synchronize invoices between Forecast and e-conomic

This Help Center article is written in Danish, since e-conomic is only available in Danish and for the Danish market.

The integration between Forecast and e-conomic is divided into two. Basically, you enable the billing section when you choose to enable the integration from Apps & Integrations in Forecast. This means that you can transfer financial data from your projects in Forecast to e-conomic, and thus automatically generate invoices - which are ready to be sent.

The second part of the integration is the integration of the project part in e-conomic. Thus, in addition to invoices, you can also synchronize project data between Forecast and the project management part of e-conomic. This part must be activated manually from the "e-conomic" page in Apps & Integrations.

Activating the integration

  1. Go to your personal menu in the upper right corner, select Admin
  2. Go to Apps & Integrations, or click here
  3. Find e-conomic, or click here
  4. Click Activate

Apply the integration

  1. Go to one of your projects
  2. Go to the "Invoicing" page in the project menu
  3. Create an invoice in Forecast
  4. Press the "Export" button next to the invoice you want to send to e-conomic
  5. Select the e-conomic customer under which the invoice is to be created.
  6. Select an e-conomic product for each line in the invoice (if necessary, use the dropdown menu to select for all lines at once)
  7. Press Send, and the invoice is thus created as a draft in e-conomic.
  8. The invoice is then locked in Forecast, and any changes in e-conomic are automatically synchronized back to Forecast.


If you have any problems or questions along the way, open the Chat by clicking the button in the lower right corner. We are always ready to lend a hand!