Synchronize your Forecast account with E-conomic and export your invoices

Main Takeaways

Note: You will need the 'Professional' plan with E-conomic, as per their terms of service, in order to integrate with Forecast. Please make sure you meet this requirement before proceeding.

Setting up E-conomic

In order to set up the integration with E-conomic, you have to enable it via the Integrations menu in the Admin panel. Please keep in mind that the email address must be the same in both Forecast and E-conomic in order for the setup to happen. The steps below will show you how to enable it.

Step 1. Navigate to the Admin by clicking on your profile and selecting Admin. Once there click on the Integrations tab, scroll down and find E-conomic.


Step 2. Once you click on the integration click Enable to connect it with Forecast. The integration will require you to already be logged in to E-conomic beforehand or log in at that moment. 

economic 2

You have now successfully integrated Forecast with E-conomic. 


Syncing clients from E-conomic

In order to successfully export an invoice from Forecast to E-conomic you will be asked to choose which of your clients the invoice is for. To be able to choose one of your E-conomic clients you first need to sync them with Forecast. The steps below show you exactly how to do that.

Step 1. From the Admin panel, navigate to the Clients tab and click on it. 

Step 2. Once in the Client menu, click on the 'Import from E-conomic' button. A pop will appear and after a while the list of your E-conomic clients will appear. Select the clients you wish to copy to Forecast and click on 'Create X Clients'. After creating the client you can verify that it is synced with E-conomic if it has the logo next to it.

economic 3

Exporting invoices to E-conomic

After you have successfully set up the integration and synced your clients from E-conomic, you are ready to start using it to export your Forecast invoices over to E-conomic. The steps below show you the process involved with exporting your invoices.

Step 1. 
Navigate to the Invoicing tab on your Forecast account.

Step 2. Click Export on the invoice you wish to export. The button is located to the right of your invoice's line.

Step 3. Once the Export modal opens up you have to choose the E-conomic customer and product this invoice is referred to. Once those are selected, click on Export at the bottom of the modal. 

economic 4

You can verify that the invoice has successfully exported over to E-conomic if the logo is next to it. The invoice is then locked in Forecast, and any changes in e-conomic are automatically synchronized back to Forecast.


Unlinking your invoices from the integration


You are also able to unlink the invoice from the integration that you are using to export your invoices. To do so, click on the three dot menu next to the invoice you wish to unlick and click on unlink.

invoicing unlink

This allows you to remove a link from a Forecast invoice without having to wait for too long!