F.A.Q: Navigation

This article aims to collect and answer FAQs regarding the sub-menu Navigation in Forecast.

FAQ: Admin Panel

Q: How do I navigate to the admin panel?

A: If you have Admin level access, click on your profile icon on the upper right hand side of the screen and click on the tab that reads Admin. 

admin panel 2

Q: What can I do in the Admin panel?

A: From the Admin panel you are able to view all of your company's accounts important information. To learn more visit the Admin Panel article.

Q: Who can access the Admin panel?

A: Only people that are part of the Forecast account and have the permission level of Admin are able to view the Admin panel.


Q: What are all the functions available in the Admin panel and how do they work?

A: The Admin panel and it's subsequent set up is essential in being able to run Forecast to its fullest potential. In order to learn more about the Admin Panel and its features please visit the Admin Panel article. In order to learn how you can set up the Admin Panel please review the Admin articles that can be found here.


FAQ: Profile Page

Q: How can I access my profile?

A: In order to access your profile click on your profile icon on the upper right hand side of the corner and click the tab that read My Profile.

my profile gif


Q: What settings are available in my profile and how do they function?

A: Through 'My Profile' you are able to review a lot of information about your personal account in your company's Forecast account. Those include but are not limited reviewing your details and being able to change your personal login password. To learn more about the features under 'My Profile' please visit the Navigating: Profile article.


Q: What can I edit in my profile?

A: You can edit almost everything in 'My Profile' with the exception of  'My task activities' tab.


Q: Can everyone view my profile?

A: No. Only you and the systems Admin(s) are able to access and view your personal profile page.


FAQ: Reports


Q: How do I create a report in Forecast?

A: Click on your company's portfolio (the tab that has your company's name) and then navigate to the tab at the end that reads 'Report'. Once there you click on 'New Report' and after you choose what type of report you want and what type of components you wish that report to include click on 'Create Report' to finish customizing your report. To learn more about reports and how you can create one please visit the article Navigating: Reports in our knowledge base.


Q: What are the differences between all the different reports that I can create in Forecast?

A: Forecast provides you multiple types of reports that can cover every aspect of your Forecast ran projects. You can create a project based report or a report based on your entire portfolio of projects. To learn more about the differences between reports please review these articles


Q: Can I create a multiple reports for a project? 

A: Yes! You are able to create as many reports as you like that can associate to only one or multiple projects. Keep in mind however that you can create one report about a single project and add all of the components you wish to review in the report format. Those components will get updated with time and you will not have to repeat the process of re-creating the report from scratch.

Q: Can I share a report with a client?

A:  Yes! Once you have created the report you are able to share it with your clients by clicking on the share icon button, filling out the necessary information and sending the report to the client along with the password that they will need to access and review it.


Q: Can clients edit and/or delete reports?

A: No. Client can only review the reports that you send them and not edit and/or delete them. 


Q: Can I include deactivated members in my reports?

A: Yes! Reports allow  you to include deactivated users in order to receive a more complete picture on the report. Simply click on the filter before finishing the report and choose 'Include Deactivated people'.


deactivated users

FAQ: Schedule


Q: Will reported time from a task appear on the schedule people heatmap?

A: The answer here depends on what exactly you would like to see in the schedule heatmap and how often your team members log time. If your team members do not log time often and you use either project allocation or task estimates then the registered time will not appear on the schedule. If, however, your team members log time regularly and you make use of  time registrations and remaining task estimates then the schedule's heatmap will be calculated from the time registrations from past dates and remaining task estimates for current and future dates.


Q: What functions are available on the schedule page?

A: The schedule page allows you to effortlessly manage your team member's allocation to tasks and project as well as review the projects themselves in a timeline. The page contains features that allow you to search and/or filter for an individual, task, project as well as a number of options to hide or show on the page itself. To learn more about these features please visit the Navigating: Schedule article in our knowledge base.


Q: What are unassigned tasks in the schedule people page?

A: The unassigned task list on the schedule people page, is there to assist you by reminding you which tasks from your projects have not been assigned to any team members. The tasks will be separated to the respected roles that you have assigned on the task itself. So if there is a task that requires the role of developer then you will find it under the developer window.

Q: Why can't I view the heatmap on the schedule pages?

A: In order to be able to view the heatmap, please make sure that you have turned the heatmap on via the show/hide icon. 

Q: What does the show/hide icon allow me to view on the schedule pages?

A:  The show/hide icon on the schedule pages gives you multiple choices as to what you wish to show or hide from the page itself. For example, you might not require the heatmap any longer so you can just hide it. In addition, you might wish to show or hide weekends from the pages, you do so from the show/hide icon.

show hide

FAQ: Project Creation


Q: How do I get started creating a project?

A: There are a number of ways that you can create a new project. 

  • Via the New Project button in the projects page.
  • Via the New button found across the platform.
  • Via the New Project button on the schedule projects page.
  • Finally, by clicking on Duplicate project and choosing to create a new project and not duplicate the existing one.

Q: What functions does the Projects page contain?

A: The project page allows you to review all of the projects that are have been completed, are running or are being planned by your company. The page itself contains features that allow you to navigate to the preferred project faster such as the 'Filter' tab or the 'Show/Hide' icon that enables you to view projects with specific information. To learn more please visit the Navigating: Projects article in our knowledge base.

Q: How do I delete a project?

A: In order to delete a project, click on the project, then click on the three vertical dots at the end of the tabs (right next to the Budget tab) and select 'Settings'. Once you are in the settings of the project scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Delete Project'. Once you have authorized it the project will be deleted. 

Please be Warned: Once you have deleted a project you will be unable to retrieve it and it will be lost. Always make sure to double check that you are deleting the correct project from your company's account.


Q: How do I change a projects status?

A: In order to change the status of a project first click on the project you with to edit it's status. Then navigate to the ' Overview' tab at the start of the project features bar . Once you click it you will be able to view the projects statistics and progress. On that page in the upper left hand corner of the screen you are able to see the dates of the project as well as the 'Project Stage' of the project. Click on the status that is currently defining the project and change it to any of the four status' available.

Q: What level clearance do I need to create a project?

A: Projects can be created only by someone who is invited in the platform with the level of Admin, Conroller or Manager.


Q: Can clients be given access to a project in order to review it?

A: Yes! You can invite guest users into a project in order for them to review it's progress. To learn how you can do this please visit the article Create Clients that explains this process.