F.A.Q. The Basics

This article aims to collect and answer FAQs regarding The Basics.

F.A.Q. : User Types


Q: Where can I review the permissions levels for each type of user in the Forecast platform?

A: Only Admins are able to review the permission levels in the platform and they can do so from the Admin panel > People > Permission Levels. You can also find this information in this article.


Q: What abilities does controller level permission give me?

A: As a controller you are second only to the Admin and you are able to do almost everything project-wise. Please review this article for more details.


Q: What abilities does a manager level permission give me?

A: The manager is the third highest permission in Forecast. While you won't have as many permissions as the controller you are still able to do quite a few things. Please visit this article for more details.


Q: What abilities does a collaborator level permission give me?

A: Collaborator is the 4th permission level in Forecast and is quite limited to what it allows you to do on the platform. Please visit this article for more details.


Q: Can I invite clients to Forecast?

A: Yes! If you would like for a client to review the progress of a certain project you are able to invite them. Find out how you can do so by visiting this article.


F.A.Q: Tips and Tricks


Q: I am uncertain as to how many functions bulk editing has.

A: Bulk editing allows you to bulk update tasks, move tasks and delete them. For more details on how to do this please visit this article.


Q: My team members keep using different terms when referring to different aspects of Forecast which leads to miscommunication some times. Are there set terms for the platforms functions?

A: Yes! Forecast has a tremendous amount of detail and information that it covers and referring to it correctly can save time. Find out everything about Forecast's terminology by visiting this article




F.A.Q: Set Up


Q: Can I add/edit the permission levels?

A: No. You are not able to add anymore permissions or edit the ones that already exist.


Q: Can I review my notification settings and can I mute my notifications?

A: Yes! You are able to review and adjust your notification settings by going to your Profile > Notification Settings. For more details on all the options the notifications settings give you please visit this article. You are also able to mute your notifications simply by clicking on the bell icon anywhere on the platform and choosing Mute. If you wish to learn more about notifications please visit this article.


Q: I am uncertain as to what some warnings that pop on my account mean.

A: Warning signs and icons serve multiple reasons. From informing you that you are registering more hours to a task than what the estimate is to letting you know something is off in your project's budget. In order to learn what each icon and warning mean please visit this article.