Files Walkthrough

In this article we will go over the steps that you need to take in order to add files to your Forecast projects and tasks.

Main takeaways:

Add files through a Task:

Step 1. Open the task where you want to insert files

You can add files with the options in the three dots.


Please note that to use the Google drive upload feature you will have to link your Forecast account to a Google drive via the Google drive integration. Please find more information on the Google drive integration in this article.

You can also add files in the description by clicking on the files icon. (5)-3


Add files through the Project files:

Step 1. Select the Project you want to attach files to


Step 2. Select the Project "files"

Files page

  • In the Files section of the project you can also upload files to the entire project, organize them in folders, and view all of your files.