Forecast Maintenance

In this continuously updated article we are informing you about maintenance activities we are performing in Forecast. If your account is affected by the maintenance activities you will be informed on the platform.


July 2020 - Ghost Allocations Cleanup

We will perform a one time clean up of  allocations belonging to team members that are not longer part of a project or have been deleted on the month of July 2020, which will result in more accurate data.

This will have no effect on your account other that cleaning up allocations that should not exist in the first place.

Impact: Schedule, Reports, Project Timeline 

Severity: None/Low

Details: There is a number of allocations that are still tethered to team members that are no longer part of a project or have otherwise been deactivated or deleted. 

This issue is a result of: 

  • Uninviting or removing team members from a project before deleting their allocations. 
  • Deactivating or deleting a team members account from Forecast before deleting their allocations from the projects they originally belonged to.