Brief Overview

Ready to Get Started with Forecast?

Forecast is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform for Project & Resource Management. We've designed the system to be simple and intuitive from the bottom up, but if you ever run into an issue, a question, or any concerns at all, our Success Team is always ready to assist you.

There are plenty of ways to get help: We have our Live Chat at the bottom right of Forecast putting you in contact with our team as quick as possible. We have Personal Demo Meetings to discuss how we can work together best possible. We have our Weekly Webinars focusing on best practices within Project & Resource Management combined with our product, Forecast. In coherence with this, we also have our Daily Coffee Breaks, which is a casual environment where anybody can show up, ask questions, get tips, tricks and hacks. Additionally, we have Videos to guide you, and the Help Center you're looking at right now, which includes all the features, best practices, integrations, etc.

We've developed a bundle of articles to help you get started. Each introductory article is targeted based on your Permission Level in Forecast. We have Admins, Controllers, Managers, Collaborators, and Clients. You can also use these articles to see Forecast from another person's point of view.

We hope these cover most of your questions, but otherwise search the Help Center, or reach out to us through the Live Chat.