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Forecast & GoSimplo

GoSimplo has integrated with Forecast to deliver to you easy to digest boards.

GoSimplo & Forecast

GoSimplo is a free to use tool that can provide detailed reporting on a number of things when you integrate it with Forecast. Through it you can discover invaluable insights that everyone can access real-time and start making decisions more quickly and easily.

Specifically, GoSimplo takes the Overview, Billable Time and Time Entry information for your staff and clients from Forecast and presents them in easy to understand boards.

Integrate GoSimplo with Forecast

To integrate Forecast with GoSimplo you will have to generate a new API key from the Forecast admin panels' API tab. After you have generated the key you can insert it in your GoSimplo settings and that will successfully integrate the two systems. 


Please Note: Have questions about GoSimplo's Forecast integration? Please reach out to support@gosimplo.com