Icon index

Here you will find a list of all the icons as found throughout the platform

Time to read: 5 minutes

For a list of Warnings and Notifications, see this article


Main Takeaways:

  • Icons give you a visual representation of the many functions in Forecast
  • Some icons are found throughout the platform while others are specific to the given section

     Attachments-1      Attachments: Click to see what has been attached

          bell-1      Bell: Notifications

    Beta          Beta: Work underway!

         bulk edit-1       Bulk Edit: Wherever you see this icon, click to see the bulk editing menu 

              Burger menu         Burger Menu: Click to see the options

          chat icon final       Chat Icon: Any questions? Talk with us!

          comments       Comments Icon: Look for comments

         Capture-Jul-30-2020-08-45-09-60-AM      Dependency established: The arrows indicate a dependency 

           create a dependnecy         Dependency Icon: Click to establish a dependency between your tasks

            eye icon       Eye Icon: Click to see the many display options

          filter      Filter Icon: Click to see the filters you can use to get to what you need

           full screen       Full Screen: Click to expand to full screen 

           download        Download: Get your data in CSV and Excel formats 

      global add button         Global Add Button: Click to create a new task, project, connected project, time                               entry, team member, client, report or an expense item

              green tick       Green Tick: Task completed!

              moving        Moving icon: Click and drag to move the given item

             settings notifi     Notification settings: Click to adjust your notifications 

             empty star-1         Star: Star your tasks to bring your work to focus

              progress 1-1        Progress: See the progress in your workflow columns

          project id -1        Project ID: This is your project ID

            robot-1         Robot-AI icon: This icon indicates all the places where the AI can help you by                                                                   making suggestions

               search      Search: Find what you need

                share-2        Share: Click to see the sharing options

             time reg      Time Registration Popup: Click to register time easily 

              Toggle        Toggle View: Click to adjust the display settings 

               riddler two-1         Question mark: Click to get more info