Connect your projects and finance

The integration with e-conomic lets you connect your projects in Forecast with your finances in e-conomic.

Sync reported time and proposals from your projects in Forecast to your accounting system, e-conomic. More specifically, you get a new e-conomic tab on your projects, where you can choose what, or all time, to send directly to your e-conomic account.

You simply choose which projects to link in Forecast and e-conomic. This helps us to know where to submit the data in e-conomic.


Step 1: Go to the e-conomic integration, click here.

Step 2: Click Enable

Step 3: Sign in to e-conomic, and authorize the connection

Users from e-conomic are now imported as virtual users in Forecast.

Linking projects

Step 4: Go to a project you wish to connect

Step 5: Go to Project Settings

Step 6: Scroll down to the e-conomic section. Here, choose the project you wish to connect the project to in e-conomic.

Step 7: Go to the new e-conomic tab in the project. Here, you'll see all the project time waiting to be sent to e-conomic. When users register time in Forecast, you can choose which time entries, or all reported time, to send to e-conomic. Click Send to e-conomic.

Notice: When you import time into e-conomic; the time gets locked in Forecast due to otherwise potential conflicting data on a later stage.