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iCloud Calendar Integration

Discover how to integrate Forecast with iCloud Calendar

Time to read: 5 minutes 


Main Takeaways:

  • Work assigned in Forecast will show up in your iCloud Calendar
  • Import all of your assigned tasks from Forecast into your iCloud Calendar using the iCal format 
  • Tasks will show up as an all-day event in your calendar. Using the iCal format enables you to add your tasks to any calendar supporting this format



Step 1: Go to the integration page in your admin panel
step up step 1


Step 2: Click Activate


Step 3: Go to My Profile, or click here.


Step 4: Scroll to Calendar integration

step 4-2


Step 5: Copy your unique iCal link


Step 6: Move to iCloud Calendar


Step 7: In Calendar, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.


Step 8: Insert your iCal link from Forecast into "Calendar URL", and click Subscribe


Step 9: Enter a name and choose an identification color


Step 10: Choose "On My Mac" or "iCloud" depending on where you want to subscribe to the calendar


Your assigned tasks should now be visible in your calendar.

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