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Outlook Calendar Integration

Assigned work in Forecast will show up in your Outlook Calendar

Time to read: 6 minutes 


If you are looking for Google Calendar, see Google Calendar Integration 

If you are looking for iCloud Calendar, see iCloud Calendar Integration


Main Takeaways:

  • The integration with Outlook Calendar lets you import all of your assigned tasks from Forecast into your Outlook Calendar using the iCal format
  • Tasks will show up as an all-day event at the top of your calendar
  • Using the iCal format enables you to add your tasks to any calendar supporting this format
  • Main task information are visible in your Outlook Calendar
  • Opening tasks and register time
  • Remove Forecast from your Outlook Calendar


Step 1: Go to the Calendar integration in your admin panel

step 1-Nov-09-2020-10-47-06-18-AM


Step 2: Click the Activate



Step 3: Go to My Profile.


Step 4: Scroll to Calendar integration

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)-3


Step 5: Copy your unique iCal link



Step 6: Move to Outlook Calendar (web app or native app)


Step 7 - Web app: Click Add calendar > From Internet



Step 8 - Web app: Insert your iCal link into "Link to the calendar", give it a name and click Save

Your assigned tasks from Forecast should now appear in your calendar.

Step 7 - Native app: Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings. On the Internet Calendars tab, click New.



Step 8 - Native app: Insert your iCal link from Forecast into the text field



Step 9 - Native app: In the Folder Name field, type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook, and then click OK.



Your assigned tasks from Forecast should now appear in your calendar.


Forecast Tasks in Outlook Calendar

Once your tasks from Forecast are shown up in your Outlook Calendar, you can : 

1. See main task information such as the task ID, the task name and the project that belongs to

2. Click on a task and select to open the actual task and register time. You can also see the description if you have added it.

GIF Outlook tasks

Note: The start & end date of a task will define the period of time that the task will run in your calendar.


How to remove Forecast from your Outlook Calendar

Step 1: Click on the main burger menu at the top left side

Step 2: Scroll down to Other Calendars and find Forecast

Step 3: You can either remove the check mark to disable the display of the tasks or completely remove Forecast by clicking on the 3-dot menu and select Remove to remove the Forecast Calendar from Outlook

GIF Remove FC - Outlook

PLEASE NOTE: Deactivating the Outlook Calendar integration in your Forecast account does NOT remove Forecast from your Outlook Calendar.

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