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Asana Integration

Migrate your Asana project to Forecast

Time to read: 10 minutes 

Main Takeaways:

  • The Asana integration allows the migration of projects from Asana to Forecast
  • As the Asana project structure is different from Forecasts', so not all data can be mapped one-to-one
  • Currently, Asana project migration to Forecast does not include migration of:
  1. Files from google drive
  2. Dependencies between tasks

Bear in mind: 

When migrating from Asana, the following data-mapping rules apply in the cases where Asanas structure varies from Forecasts':

  • For Asana projects with a layout of 'list', sections are translated as phases
  • For Asana projects with a layout of 'board', sections are translated as status columns, where the first column is assumed to be a 'To-do' column; the last column is assumed to be a 'Done' column and the remaining columns are assumed to be 'In progress' columns
  • If an Asana project does not have a 'To-do' or a 'Done' column, a default column of the missing type is created
  • As to whether or not a task is completed, is shown using status columns in Forecast, completed tasks in Asana projects with a 'board' layout, which are not placed in the column assumed to be the 'Done' column, will not be shown as completed when migrated to Forecast


Step 1: Go to the integrations page in your admin panel, and scroll down to Asana
admin panel

Step 2: Click Activate 

Step 3: Log in to Asana to authorize 

2020-07-28 (4)

Step 4: You can now import Asana projects and view the status on prior imports