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Sync and track issues and pull requests.

Main Takeaways

  • Learn how to integrate with GitHub.
  • Learn how to sync your users.
  • Learn how to sync and track requests and how to pull issues.

The integration with GitHub lets you sync and track issues and pull requests between projects in GitHub and Forecast. This integration allows you to switch between apps seamlessly.

You simply select which repository you wish to connect the project to, connect the cards, and you'll instantly begin to see links and status of issues and commits directly in Forecast. A checkmark symbolizes a built issue, while a red x symbolizes that the work is not done yet.


Step 1: Go to your Admin panel, click Integrations, and select the GitHub integration or click here.



Step 3: Click Activate.



Step 4: Sign in, accept, and authorize the connection


Sync Users

Once you are done with the initial setup you should sync all of your team members that currently have a GitHub account and require access to it from their Forecast account. Team members can do this individually or it can be done by a system Admin. The steps below will guide you.

Step 1: If you are an Admin go to the the Admin panel, click on the People tab and find the team member you wish to sync with GitHub. If you are not an Admin and you have a GitHub account and wish to connect it simply go to your profile by clicking My Profile.

Step 2: Once you are in your own or a team members profile scroll all the way down to the section that reads GitHub.

Step 3: Click on the search bar and search for the name that your team member or yourself have registered with on GitHub. Once you have found the correct one, click on it and your team member is now synced with GitHub.


Step 4: To ensure that your team member is synced, look for the GitHub icon next to their name in the people tab or make sure that you can see their GitHub name under their profile's GitHub integration.

Syncing Requests and Pulling Issues.

Once all of the above are taken care of you will be able to start using GitHub with any of your projects. Please make sure as you go ahead that you have selected the correct repository from GitHub and that it is up to date.


Step 1: Go to a project you wish to connect to GitHub, open the Project Settings and scroll down to Apps & Integrations to find the GitHub integration


Step 2: Select the matching repository in the dropdown menu

Now the repository from GitHub is linked to your project in Forecast.

Now you are able to link pull requests and issues from GitHub to tasks in Forecast.


Likewise, a link to the Forecast task will also be present in GitHub.

Note: If you leave a comment in an issue from GitHub that is synced with a task you will be able to view the comment on Forecast too!