Sync and track issues and pull requests

The integration with GitHub lets you sync and track issues and pull requests between projects in GitHub and Forecast. This integration allows you to switch between apps seamlessly.

You simply select which repository you wish to connect the project to, connect the cards, and you'll instantly begin to see links and status of issues and commits directly in Forecast. A checkmark symbolizes a built issue, while a red x symbolizes that the work is not done yet.


Step 1: Go to your Admin Settings and click App Catalog


Step 2: Select the GitHub integration, or click here.


Step 3: Click Link your GitHub account to activate it

Gitlab screenshot

Step 4: Sign in, accept, and authorize the connection

You should automatically return to Forecast.

Once the integration is enabled, in your project settings, select the repositories you would like to have linked to each project. This allows you to select issues or pull requests for that project. Note: You will have to do this for each of your projects.

Step 5: Go to a project you wish to connect

Step 6: Go to Project Settings

Step 7: Scroll down to Apps & Integrations, and find the GitHub integration


Step 8: Select the matching repository in the dropdown menu

Now the repository from GitHub is linked to your project in Forecast.

From thereafter, you're able to attach pull requests and issues to cards.


The attachment will work as a link visible on the card in Forecast together with the repository, the creator, and the status of the item.


Likewise, a link from the GitHub issue or pull request to the Forecast card will also be present in GitHub.