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Software development with GitLab and Forecast

The integration with GitLab lets you sync your work between chosen projects in GitLab and Forecast. Users, tasks, workflow, status, estimates, milestones, and assigned people are kept up-to-date no matter where you work.


Synced between both
  • You can link GitLab users and Forecast. However, you need to create the users manually in each system.
  • Issue / Task status is synced between both systems. Changing a status in GitLab is reflected in Forecast, and vice versa.
  • Description on tasks / issues is reflected in both Forecast and GitLab.
  • Milestones are reflected in both. Moving tasks between milestones is also synchronized.
  • New tasks / issues are synchronized.
  • Assigning people to tasks / issues is synced.
  • Time estimates on tasks / issues are synced. When estimating from GitLab, the high and low estimate in Forecast will be set as the same. When estimating from Forecast, the forecast estimate based on your high and low, and our algorithm, will be sent to GitLab.

This should help you manage everything from both, and avoiding doing double the work.


Step 1: Go to the GitLab integration, click here.

Step 2: Click Activate

Step 3: Sign in, accept and authorize the connection

You should automatically return to Forecast.

Step 4: Go to a project you wish to connect

Step 5: Go to Project Settings


Step 6: Scroll down, find the GitLab integration section


Step 7: Find the matching project in the dropdown menu

Step 8: Click Sync GitLab Project

Forecast will do a bit of work behind-the-scenes, and your issues should be visible in Workflow within a few seconds.

Connect as many projects as you'd like.