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Jira Cloud

Integrate with Jira Cloud to sync your projects between Jira and Forecast

If you're looking for Jira Server, click here.

The integration with Jira Cloud lets you synchronize your projects between Jira and Forecast. Projects and tasks will stay up-to-date as data is added and/or updated in either Jira or Forecast.

Many software developers are fond of the Jira solution, while management often doesn't really feel the same. This integration allows for a combined workflow between both Jira and Forecast users.

Using Forecast with Jira, your people scheduling, project planning, estimates, time tracking, and high level portfolio overview will always be synchronized with current development tasks and issues. Easily estimate and plan new features in Forecast, and have them automatically be synced to Jira. Thus, critical information is shared and collaboration is effortless.

If you have any additional questions concerning the Jira integration, check out our Jira and Forecast: FAQ, or contact us for more information.


Step 1: Go to the Jira Cloud integration, click here.

Step 2: Click Activate

Step 3: Copy the Jira verification key from Forecast

Step 4: Click on the link that takes you to the Jira Marketplace

Step 5: Click Get it now

Step 6: Click Install in the following window

Step 7: Click Accept & Install

Let it process the installation. This may take a minute or two.

Step 8: Click Get Started

Step 9: Paste the verification key from Forecast (from Step 3), and click Verify

Step 10: Go back to the Jira integration page in Forecast, and refresh it.

The integration is now set up.

Step 11: Manage your Jira settings, e.g. the Jira prefix settings as shown in Forecast, or synchronize an existing Jira project to Forecast.

Sync at least one project, and your team from Jira will be imported as virtual users in Forecast. Issues, versions, boards, and sprints will be synchronized between Jira and Forecast, and new added and/or updated data will stay up-to-date.

Synchronize an Existing Jira Project

Step 1: Go to the Jira integration page in Forecast

Step 2: Under Synchronization, click the project you wish to synchronize

A Synchronization Options window will show.

Step 3: Select the Jira board you wish to sync

Step 4: Select whether you want to create Subtasks in Jira as new Cards in Forecast, or add them as Subtasks within their parent Card.

Step 5: Click Synchronize

Change Jira Prefix Settings

Step 1: Go to the Jira integration page in Forecast

Step 2: Under Jira Prefix Settings, click Change

Step 3: Select whether you prefer None, Simple, or Full Jira prefix on your issues in Forecast, i.e. Cards.

The changes should come into effect immediately.

NOTE: This app is only available for Jira Cloud and Jira Server. If you're using Jira Data Center, please contact us.