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Trello Integration

Integrate Trello with Forecast

Reading time: 5 minutes 

Main Takeaways:

  • The integration with Trello lets you import all of your boards and users from Trello into Forecast
  • This is a simple migration tool, and will thereby not synchronize new data on the fly
  • Users from Trello will be imported without an email address attached to them, and function as Virtual users until further activated with an email address
  • To activate users, follow the guide below

Migrate your Boards and Users

Step 1: Go to your Admin Panel, and click Integrations


Step 2: Select the Trello integration



Step 3: Click Migrate



Step 4: Authorize the connection

authorise trello-2


Migration of Trello boards and users will begin and should appear as new projects in Forecast within a few minutes.



As mentioned above, new users imported from Trello will function as Virtual users until further activation.

Activate Users Imported from Trello

Step 1: Go to your Admin Panel, and click People



Step 2: Find the user(s) on the list, and click each person



Step 3: Enter their email address in Team member's email



Step 4: Click Invite Team Member


Step 5: Continue the process with each person

Data mapping

The integration imports data by mapping it to the corresponding Forecast entities as indicated in this table:

 Trello Forecast
Open Board Project
Users Persons
List Column
Card Task

The data on the Trello cards is mapped to the corresponding Forecast Task in the following way:

Trello Forecast
Name Name
Description Description
Due Date Deadline
Labels Labels
Checklists Todo/Subtasks
Comments Comments