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Trello Integration

Integrate Trello with Forecast

Reading time: 5 minutes 

Main Takeaways:

  • The integration with Trello lets you import all of your boards and users from Trello into Forecast
  • This is a simple migration tool, and will thereby not synchronize new data on the fly
  • Users from Trello will be imported without an email address attached to them, and function as Virtual users until further activated with an email address
  • To activate users, follow the guide below

Migrate your Boards and Users

Step 1: Go to your Admin Panel, and click Integrations


Step 2: Select the Trello integration



Step 3: Click Migrate



Step 4: Authorize the connection

authorise trello-2


Migration of Trello boards and users will begin and should appear as new projects in Forecast within a few minutes.



As mentioned above, new users imported from Trello will function as Virtual users until further activation.

Activate Users Imported from Trello

Step 1: Go to your Admin Panel, and click People



Step 2: Find the user(s) on the list, and click each person



Step 3: Enter their email address in Team member's email



Step 4: Click Invite Team Member


Step 5: Continue the process with each person

Data mapping

The integration creates a Forecast project for each open Trello board
It will try to match Trello users to Forecast by name, and the ones that it cannot match will automatically be created as virtual users.
Each list becomes a column in the workflow
Trello cards are imported as tasks with the following data:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Due date -> Deadline
  • Assignees
  • Labels
  • Checklists -> Subtasks
  • Comments