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Okta Integration: Single Sign-On Setup

Single Sign-On with Okta

Time to read: 5 minutes

If you are looking for User provisioning with Okta, see User provisioning


Main takeaways:

  • The integration with Okta lets you use Okta as your Single Sign-On (SSO) 
  • To sign in to Forecast with your Okta account, your user email has to be the same in both Forecast and Okta. This can be set up manually in Forecast or provisioning can be used to automatically create users in Forecast from Okta
  • This integration is especially useful for plus customers as the integration adds an extra layer of security 
  • Note: This integration is available for Plus customers only

Setting up SSO

Step 1: Go to the Profile section of Okta


Step 2: Go to Assign Applications

okta start


Step 3: In Assign Applications, Click Add Application

2020-06-30 (4)


Step 4: Click Create New App

2020-06-30 (6)


Step 5: Select OpenID Connect and click Create

2020-06-30 (9)


Step 6:  Name the application Forecast and upload the picture located here: https://app.forecast.it/forecast_logo_okta.png


Step 7: Set Login redirect URIs to  and click Save



Step 8: Edit General Settings and fill in the details as listed below. When done, click Save



Step 9: Copy the “Client ID” and “Client secret”. These are needed in Forecast

2020-07-02 (9)


Step 10: Navigate to https://app.forecast.it/settings/catalog/okta (If you do not see any input fields, please contact Forecast to get these enabled)


Step 11: Fill in your “Okta account URL”, “Application client-id” and “Application client secret” and click Save


Step 12: To allow users to log in to Forecast from Okta, simply assign them to the application in Okta