Sync time and tasks between TimeLog and Forecast

The integration with TimeLog lets you synchronize tasks from Forecast to TimeLog, and time registrations are synchronized between TimeLog and Forecast.

Main Takeaways

  • Learn how to setup TimeLog
  • Learn how to sync tasks and users


Step 1: Go to the TimeLog integration that can be found in the Admin panel under the Integrations tab.

timelog gif1

Step 2: Enter your TimeLog information in the fields. There are several different fields you need to fill in. 

1. Under Domain enter your TimeLog URL. The URL is unique for each company and should contain the company's name you registered with in TimeLog.

2. Under Account Name enter the name of your company in TimeLog.

3. Under Username enter the email address that you signed up with in TimeLog.

4. Under Password enter the unique password that you received in your email when you first signed up with TimeLog.

5. Under Site Code enter the API code that can be retrieved from TimeLog. If you are unable to find it please contact TimeLog support.

6. Under Reporting username and Reporting password enter your username and password that you received when you first signed up in TimeLog.

After you have entered all of the information required the page will look like this.


Step 3: Click Activate TimeLog

Step 4: Define the links between TimeLog and Forecast projects