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Logging Time in Forecast and Syncing it to a Harvest Task

In this article we will show you step by step how you can log time from Forecast to one of your Harvest tasks. Time to read: 5 minutes

Main Takeaways: 

  • Learn from where you can register time in Forecast for a Harvest task
  • Learn how to edit time entries in a Harvest task for yourself or for a team member


In this article we will show you how you can register and sync time from Forecast tasks into your Harvest tasks. We will also walk you through how to associate time from a Harvest project into a Forecast task. If you would like to learn how you can sync your time registrations from a Harvest project into Forecast then please visit this article.


Registering Time in Forecast

Forecast gives you the ability to register time in Harvest tasks in multiple ways. If you require to add time to a Harvest task you have more than one ways to do it. Below we will examine these choices.

1: Timer. 

The timer is a quick and sure way to add time to any projects/tasks, including Harvest tasks in Forecast projects, while on Forecast. Simply stop the timer and the pop up window will allow you to register your time anywhere you like. To learn more about the Timer visit this article. 

timer gif

 As you can see you can easily register time in a project connected to Harvest and subsequently any Harvest and Forecast tasks.


2. Register time in tasks

You also have the ability to register time through the actual tasks from any project that you are working on. To learn more about task visit this article. 

timer task gif

Notice that because you are already registering time in the Forecast task you only have to choose, if you need to, the Harvest task that you wish this time registration to also appear in. 


3. Timesheets 

Forecast's timesheets allow you to register any amount of time to any and all projects that you are assigned to. In the case of Admins, you are also allowed to register and edit time for your team members in tasks that they are assigned on. To learn more about timesheets visit this article. Registering time through the timesheets has a few extra steps which are shown below.


3.1 Go to the correct timesheet.

Navigate to your own or a team members timesheets that has been assigned to work on a Harvest linked project.

timesheets gif 1

3.2 Select the Harvest linked project, the Forecast task and Harvest task.

You can select the project, the Forecast task and Harvest that you wish to register time on from the time entry modal on the right hand side of the screen. 

timesheets gif 2

It is imperative that no matter from where you register time on a Harvest linked project, that you select both the Forecast task and the Harvest task that you wish to register time on as this is the only way to view the time registrations in both platforms.


Editing Time Registrations.

Forecast also allows you to edit any time entries you have registered in any Harvest linked project, either through the actual task modal or through the timesheet pages. 


1. Task modal.

task edit gif


2. Timesheets. 

The timesheets allow you to not only edit your own time entry but also, with the appropriate level of clearance, your team members time entries. All you have to do is navigate to your own or a team members timesheets, find the time entry in the corresponding date and edit it. 

timesheet edit gif