My Work

The Forecast My Work page is your personal dashboard. It helps you manage your own work and focus on the tasks for the week.

Main take aways

In the everyday project work it is important to keep an overview of the tasks you have to focus on. You should be able to quickly grasp your tasks for the week and manage them easily.

Personal panel 

The personal panel on the left side of the My Work page lets you access your profile and shows information about your work progress, your work distribution and your time registrations.

stats 1



Step 1 - Profile: Click on your profile picture to open your personal profile to change your profile settings.

Step 2 - Statistics: The week progress shows how much of your work is already done. It increases when you register time or set the status of tasks to 'done'. 

The deadlines met statistic displays the number of tasks that have to be finished  this week - and how many of them are already done. 

Step 3 - Time entries: In this graph you can see how much time you have registered on each day of the week and if you have reached your weekly target working hours.


Task List

In the main section of the My Work page you can see all tasks that you are assigned to and that are planned for this week. Those are the tasks that you should work on in this week. You can also expand on tasks that are overdue, do not have a deadline or are already done. 

Step 1: Open the task by clicking on the task name to open the task modal and get more information on the task.

Step 2: When working or completing a task change the task status in the drop down menu.

Step 3: Save time when registering time by using the clock icon on the task. The icon will appear when you hover over the time entries column in the task list view. You can log time in the little pop-up without having to open the task itself. 

Step 4: To get an overview of a future week's workload you can switch the view from this week to the next week by clicking on arrow next to the date field or picking the date right from the date picker. The This Week button brings you back to the current week.

Step 5: Use the eye icon to add more columns to your task list.

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Starred Tasks

For personal prioritization and focus you can activate the star icon on your tasks. 

Step 1: Click on the little star icon to activate the star on the task. Starred tasks are highlighted throughout the platform so you can easily focus on them.

Step 2: On the My Work page your starred tasks appear in the Starred Tasks section on the right. 

Step 3: You can choose to expand or collapse the section on your My Work page.

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Team Member's My Work

Please note: This function is only available to you, if you have the permission level of an Admin, Controller or Manager in Forecast.

To get an overview of your team member's workload in Forecast, you can open the My Work page from another user. You only have to select the team member's name in the drop down menu in the top left of your My Work page.

my work 4


My work: Navigate in Time 


Note: Instead of showing tasks that are done and have dates within the selected week, it will now specifically show tasks that were set to Done in that week. 



Since this change allows us to show your history of when you finished tasks, we now allow you to navigate back in time on My Work through the arrows next to "the week".