Navigating: Admin Panel

Set up company-wide preferences, create roles, edit or invite team members, create labels, manage integrations and more.


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The Admin panel can only be accessed by someone with Admin permission level. If you click on your account icon and you do not see the Admin option in the drop-down menu, this means you do not have Admin permission level.


admin panel numbers

Starting from the left:

  1. Details: Add/edit company-wide information such as an address, currency, working hours, time zones, etc.
  2. Roles: add/edit the roles that your company uses.
  3. People: Invite or edit your team members.
  4. Teams: Create and/or edit the different teams that exist within your company.
  5. Finances: Add/edit your company's rate cards, expenses and currency. 
  6. Notification Settings: Set company-wide notification settings, which the rest of your team can not disable.
  7. Labels: Add, update or remove labels.
  8. Non-project time: Add, update or remove non-project time.
  9. Holidays: Add and import your local holiday calendar.
  10. Subscription: Manage your Forecast subscription; view/edit your plan, billing information.
  11. Clients: Add or edit your client list.
  12. API Keys: Generate/manage API keys.
  13. Integrations: View and set up 3rd party integrations such as Google Drive, Slack, Jira, Asana, and more.

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